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14KT Custom-Made Kangaroo Pendant

    Kangaroo from the Land Down Under!

    Well, not really, but this hefty fellow looks like he leaped right out
    of the Australian Bushlands!

    This particular kangaroo was hand-crafted in 14KT yellow gold, by
    David Watt, a skilled wax carver  and goldsmith in Texas.  We have
    had the pleasure to know David for several years, and sadly, he is
    in the process of retiring.  His extreme attention to detail is readily
    visible, and the proportions are realistically to scale.

    With this fellow around your neck, there will no doubt that you are a
    kangaroo-lover, and he is large enough to be easily seen, even at a
    distance.  From head to tail, he measures 2 1/4", and from the top of
    the bail to the bottom of his legs, he is a "tad" over 1 1/2" tall.  You
    will not see him gracing anyone else's neck, nor are you likely to
    see a prettier one!

    Your cost $578.00  
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