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14KT Yellow Gold Porcelain Cameo Ring

                                       You won't believe the detail!

    Our camera just doesn't do justice to this finely detailed blue and
    white porcelain cameo ring.

    Unlike the old-fashioned shell cameos, this porcelain lady will
    endure long years of wear. The "classic" cameos from an age
    gone by, show major signs of wear with just moderate use. Before
    long, the lovely details on the ring are worn off.

    Porcelain cameos, and agate cameos will last a lifetime, given a
    minimal amount of care. This lady is about 18 x 13 mm, and set
    in a 14KT yellow gold bezel with fluting on the side of the ring.
    A classic for any occasion!

                                      Your cost $280.00  
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